Youth Accounts

Get your kids excited about banking and start them on the right path with TFCU!

Be prepared when you arrive!

To open a Just Start Savers or Jump Up Debit Account, please bring one of the following documents to the branch.

  • Your children’s Original Birth Certificate
  • Your children’s Original Social Security Card
  • Your children’s Valid AZ ID (semi-recent photo)
  • Your children’s Valid US Passport Book (semi-recent photo)
  • Your child must be 11 years old to qualify for a Jump Up Debit Account and have a current School ID or State ID.

A Parent/Guardian is required to be a joint on Youth Accounts until child turns 18 years old.

  • Parent/Guardian Identification – Parent/Guardian is required for checking account
Spark Your Children's Financial Curiosity and Set Them on a Smart Financial Journey!

To open a Youth Account, you need to make an appointment at a local branch location.